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Northern KY Truck Tuggers Association

Tug of war first originated by five guys from Kentucky that held their first truck tug at the Kenton Co. Fair grounds in 1986. The sport started with two single light bulbs (placed 100 ft apart), a 30 ft cable (with a red rag hanging down in the center), and their trucks to tug, you hook two trucks back to back with the cable, a flag man at each door helping you line up on the chalk line down the center of the track, then telling you to watch your light. When the light changes you "GO" and tug for 30 seconds. The winner is the guy that moved the rag on his side of the line
       Thereafter the Grant Co. Fair in KY tried this sport with about 20 trucks ready to tug. Each year the sport has grown bigger and bigger. In 1994 Warsaw, KY held their first tug of war. By 1999 we had  30+ trucks competing and many of those participants decided that the rules needed to be consistent at all events for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

       That is when we became the "Northern Kentucky Truck Tuggers Association"  (NKTTA).   In November of 2000 we held another meeting with a lawyer to become a non-profit family-oriented club. Membership dues and charging the event location for us as a club to put on an event were two procedures established at this meeting as well.  We now keep points on each truck and have an annual picnic at the end of the season to give awards.  We also do Benefit pulls for different organizations if you would like for us to do one for you please give us a call and we will be glad to help you out,  you can contact us at 859-576-7380

     We have three classes:
4x4 4200 lb.
4x4 6000 lb.
2 Wheel Drive 5500 lb.

 The club tugs all over Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. We have also had two indoor tug of wars.
         Thanks to all that make this sport successful!

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2013 NKTTA

President;             Nathan Hatfield
Vice President;    Chris Glacken
Secretary;  Alicia Hatfield, Kellsy McIntosh
Treasurer; Kellsy McIntosh

Board members: 

2000       4x4    4000 lb     John Peck       
              2 WD 5500 lb      Rick Baum   
              4x4    6000 lb      Ronny Marksberry

2001      4x4    4000 lb      John Peck      
              2 WD 5500 lb      Wilbur Cozine       
              4x4    6000 lb      Dave Iles

2002      4x4    4000 lb     Travis Blake         
              2 WD 5500 lb      Larry Lilly     
              4x4    6000 lb      Dave Iles

2003      4x4    4000 lb     Richard Farrar        
              2 WD 5500 lb     Larry Lilly     
              4x4    6000 lb     Dave Iles

2004     4x4    4000 lb      Buddy Gibson            
             2 WD 5500 lb       Ray Branscum
             4x4    6000 lb       Darrell Stewart

2005     4x4    4000 lb       Scott Doolin            
             2 WD 5500 lb       Ray Branscum
             4x4    6000 lb        Darrell Stewart

2006        4x4    4000 lb     Chris Pope                   2 WD 5500 lb    Andrew Glacken  
                4x4    6000 lb 
    Tim Gibson  

2007        4x4    4000 lb     Chris Pope      
                2 WD 5500 lb    William Glacken
                4x4    6000 lb 
    Lewis Cleaver

2008      4x4    4000 lb     Buddy Gibson      
              2 WD 5500 lb    Rob Epperson
              4x4    6000 lb 
    Travis Blake   

2009     4x4    4000 lb    Micheal Greenwell   
             2 WD 5500 lb   Chris Glacken
             4x4    6000 lb 
   Lewis Cleaver   

  2010       4x4    4000 lb    Buddy Gibson  
                 2 WD 5500 lb   Chris Glacken
                4x4    6000 lb 
  Peewee Wright

2011       4x4    4200 lb    Heather Cleaver 
                 2 WD 5500 lb   Chris Glacken
                4x4    6000 lb 
  Billy Sparks

2012       4X4   4200lb      Nathan Hatfield
               2WD  5500lb      Chris Glacken
               4X4    6000lb      Lewis Cleaver

2013       4X4   4200lb      Travis Lonaker
                                          Heather Cleaver
                2WD  5500lb     Tyler Lonaker
                4X4    6000lb     Lewis Cleaver
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